Inspiration Monday- working on my scarlet letter

I was pursuing my Pinterest board this morning contemplating what’s inspired me lately. I’ve been buried under two big projects with nary an end in sight all week, strictly limiting my ravelry time because…damn. I’m a cheater. I just know I’ll find the cutest little thing that …oupsies!! I have just the perfect (enough) wool for and then…double oupsies!! It just fell onto my needles.
It happens.

…a lot.

So I’ve been good. Monogamous. Faithful. Steadfast. bored. Annoyed

Today gives me a one day pass though, so let’s make it count! Ready for some eye candy?!


Beaded Holden shawl. In a delicious grapefruit pink that just makes my heart go pitter patter! The Pinterest link I found it in doesn’t credit the knitter, but whoever you are, brava!


This gorgeous example of eye popping colour work comes via stitches and purls is just perfection.


The super cool sky scarf. I mean, what’s not to love?! Great colours, one row a day, great keepsake? Score!


Ava tunic makes me smile. Great rainbow colours in a great simple dress.


nineteen hundred house dish cloth. Now that’s a quick cute project that anyone would love to receive. So quirky cute!



Mohawk Turtle shell cozies.
Just! Ah! Hehe

Well I hope my unfaithfulness has inspired you to do the same with whatever big project is on your needles right now. Because looking isn’t cheating. Unless you’re a knitter and your wool knows better. like mine. Shhhh

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5 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday- working on my scarlet letter

  1. I ran across that sweater last year and my jaw dropped to the floor. It is amazing. I am so in envy of its creator. …I think I’ll go start a new sweater now. 😉

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