FO Friday – novelty kids hats

When I first started knitting for hire, a local photographer approached me about doing some knits as photo props. It was about this time of year, and she was looking for something for Easter.
That’s when I first discovered the bunny ear hat


Made with Sidar snuggly yarn, it was the perfect texture for this and I just love it. The yarn has these interesting pompom style chunks in it which did make the knitting somewhat…difficult. I discovered it was best knit on 4mm needles, and you have to be forgiving with your tension. This particular wool is now discontinued (sob) but Sidar does have a few similar that I’ve since used.

Many of the cutest novelty hats, though, are crochet. What’s a knitter to do them? Teach themselves to crochet of course!
I started with the ever popular owl hat


And then there’s the bird hat I fell in love with…


But of course, my all time favourites I made specifically for the newborn photoshoot of my youngest.

Be prepared…you might just ovulate looking at this cuteness!




And that, dear ones, is why I love novelty hats! >


3 thoughts on “FO Friday – novelty kids hats

  1. I love novelty hats, but hat the crocheted ones. I really dislike crochet, I know blasphemy in some parts, but I just really love the knitting. But there is more options in novelty hats with crochet, so what’s a girl to do? Now the baby, adorable!! And I do believe knit? “Knit in mother’s womb” is the expression? LOL!

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