The post in which we all *squee* in girlie delight

My baby girl has made all my girl momma fantasies come true.
Adorable and sweet- check
Brilliant (obviously)- check
Loves pink- check
Loves tutus- check
Loves sparklies- check
Loves ballet – check check check!

As a redhead, pink is like the holy grail for me. I love it. It makes my heart pitter patter. I tried to wear it a few times as a kid…any fashion is cute under 6. After that, yikes. I have some unfortunate pictures of a nine yr old me, in a pink leisure suit, with pink glasses, and a really bad hair cut. *shudders*. Thankfully I embraced my ginger status and put aside the pink. Good decision!

So now I have this smart, gorgeous, blonde little bundle of pink loving ballerina, so what else could I do but outfit her in the best pinks the yarn world has to offer!

Exhibit A. Her ballet shrug!


*squeeeee*!! I know, right!

Check out the perfection of the raglan sleeves


She loves that it shows off the bling on her bodysuit


I did a 3/4 sleeve, there is nothing a ballet teacher hates more than not being able to see the dancers lines.


I used the confection baby shrug pattern and went up a needle size to 5mm and did a few extra raglan increases. I also added a little flair by doing a *k2tog, yo* on the round before the finish ribbing. Just a little something something!
Berroco vintage in the perfect ballet pink was a no brainer choice.

Obviously it’s showing a bit of wear already, but it’s been worn with love quite a few times already. Which is so much better than a prestine project!

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16 thoughts on “The post in which we all *squee* in girlie delight

  1. Adorable! I have never been a pink fan, and my first was a tom boy, so noooo pink for her. Then I got a girlie girl and it was pink all the time. Now, at 16, she is not so much into the pink, but she does love a fuchsia now and then.

  2. Thank you so much. I have been wanting to make My Princess one of these, but haven’t found the right pattern. This one looks great. Thanks for the tip to use the size 5 mm needles. What size (age) did it turn out to be?

    • Thanks! I searched forever for the perfect shrug. My daughter is 5, and she’s a slim five but you can see how much room she has to grow in it, it’s very loose. I think my sleeve decreases were every 6th row, I’m pretty sure I followed the pattern for the sleeves as well. I initially did a stretchy bind off, but it was too loose so went back and did a tighter bind off.

  3. You’re making me nostalgic for the days when my little blonde girl wore nothing but pink and loved to dance. Now she’s looking at grad schools…how did that happen so fast?

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