WIP Wednesday- old is new again

Happy hump day!! March break is half way over and I’m half rejoicing and half going crazy. I seriously love not packing lunches and waking up early to an alarm. It’s some serious love here people. Add in the pajamas all morning, and I’m a happy camper. On the flip side though, having all three kids home all day creates a black hole in the fridge and pantry and way too much bickering. Ouie vay!
So far I’ve harnessed their energy and spring cleaned all the bedrooms. That was not a welcomed activity, haha!

But enough of that, you came to see the goods!

This week I’ve delved into my WIP stash and have pulled out my 11 month old Lush cardigan.
It’s such a beauty, I fell in love with the lace panel that shapes/forms the yoke and cast on with my only skein of malabrigo arroyo in azules colour way


Yes, you heard that right…I started a sweater with only one skein of, it turns out, a rather hard to locate wool. Not my brightest moment.
I searched two frolics, and countless stores before I found 3.5 skeins available for sale on ravelry.
I bought those bad boys lickity split


Unfortunately for lush, one I got past the arms and it was pure stockinette, it’s been hard to keep going. I hate purling. I also hate purling something like 400 stitches in a row. There is nothing like knitting a sweater in your size to make you seriously consider a diet. Excuse me while I go grab a celery stick….

Haha, kidding. I love you calories :p

So poor lush has had a few rows tossed on her this past fall/winter, but not much and not often. The past few weeks as I’ve been dreaming of spring I decided I needed to buckle down and get moving on lush as it would be the perfect cardi to walk to the bus stop.


Lush came with me to knit night last week, where my circular needles promptly broke! My needle genocide will need it’s own post, lol.

So that’s where I am. Knitting endless stockinette. But at least it’s in mal… Cause anything in mal is heaven!

Off to Tami’s, made by me, KCCO, and yarn along to see what everyone is up to and get some inspiration to keep going on lush!


25 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday- old is new again

  1. Oh, that looks like it will be a beautiful sweater! I love the color! Lol, I would do something like start a sweater with only one skein of yarn. I have a poncho that I’m making for my daughter that I’ve stalled on because it’s just row upon row of knitting.

      • My thoughts exactly! I just paid off my library fine (oups!) so I could borrow some audiobooks. But I am keen on a new netflix series if you have a fav! I love binge watching shows

      • Oh man, if you haven’t seen Sherlock (it’s an amazing BBC miniseries, modern Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) I highly recommend it!! There are six episodes, each is about an hour and a half and they should all be online, with the first three at least on Netflix. Also, Call the Midwife (pretty sure it’s on Netflix) is an awesome show too! It’s about a group of midwives working at a clinic for a very poor area of London in the 1950’s.

  2. Lush is looking beautiful. I love that yarn. It feels good to finish old projects. I did that myself this week. Sometimes they just need to go in time out for a while.

  3. Needle breakage, of the horror!! {{Shudder}} How long did it take you to recover from the carnage? I fear that happening when I am knitting lace shawls with 300+ sts on the needle. Ohhhh, malabrigo!! Working with Arroyo right now.

    • Haha, thankfully it was at knitting group and my gasp of horror alerted my bestie and she scooped it up off my lap and saved the stitches that had fallen off onto another needle supplied from my other neighbour.
      I have a bit of a needle murder reputation…somehow I must twist my right hand because I manage to shear off the cords from the metal needles right at the connection. Every brand out there I’ve tried.

  4. Your sweater is beautiful. You must finish it. I used to do the same spring cleaning tactic on spring break and my kids always hated it. Enjoy the rest of the break.

  5. Thank goodness you managed to save your knitting in the middle of your needle carnage. Maybe you should video yourself knitting so you can work out why you keep breaking needles!

    Love the colour of your yarn 🙂

  6. What a beautiful sweater. I added it to my library straight away… Not that hadn’t enough to knit anyway. And needle breakage is a pain, isn’t it? I just broke one needle the other week. I use wooden ones and the small ones (EU size 3 and below) tend to break when I use them…
    Happy knitting!

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