Inspiration Monday – dream knit file

Today I thought I’d share some of my dream patterns, these are my go-to drool worthy ‘one day I’ll knit it’ items. Maybe one of these will tickle your fancy too!

viajante, is this fabulous 3 dimensional triangular shawl that in reality is a tube you knit in the round! Wear is as a shawl, cowl, poncho…it’s so versatile and gorgeous!


A huge roving blanket like biologyrose’s giganto blanket. This makes me tingle in all the right places!


These gorgeous Druid mittens from vogue. I have a weakness for Celtic designs, and coupled with this shamrock green hits all the right notes for me.


fluffy ethereal tutu for my baby girl because…ermagerd. Fluffy. Ethereal. Knitted. Tutu. There is no other reason, this embodies all my baby girl mama joys in the world!


Everyone needs a pair of love socks. Mandatory, don’t fight it.


The construction of this pullover is so creative it makes me want to cast on right now! gaspard pullover


Celestarium, because, damn. Amazing.


So what do you think? See anything you’d add to your dream knit file?

Linking up with my bestie over at a baby’s smile knits



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