Couldn’t help myself

If it’s not obvious yet, then let me tell you…I am a product Knitter.
I knit so I can admire the finished results. To keep, to give away, to sell…doesn’t matter. There is just nothing I love more than the oohs and ahhs a beautiful finished product garners. I admit to being an attention whore in that regard, I preen like a damn peacock, I tell you!
That doesn’t mean I don’t love the process of knitting, cause I do, but I don’t knit for fun; I knit to get it done. I think this may be why I’m a marathon knitter. When I get something stuck in my head I just have to finish.
Case in point. Wednesday night I was at knit night with ma gang, and I just happened to pick up a skein of the most glorious malabrigo. Ouie was it perfect. It came home with me all would up, and I spent the rest of my night contemplating what It would become. Originally I was thinking seed stitch infinity cowl. Even knit a couple of inches before deciding it just wasn’t right. For once it wasn’t a painful frogging!

Hidden in my rather large collection of patterns to try I came across a gem I hadn’t yet knit…turtle tracks cowl
It looked perfect. Simple enough to embrace the variegated colours, with just a bit of pattern for fun.

Well now. Hi honey, I’m hooooome!


It started fast, and just kept on going


Malabrigo is such a joy to knit with I almost, just almost, became a Process Knitter. Almost but not quite, As I couldn’t even wait to block it before this beauty was around my neck. Product, that’s where I’m at



5 thoughts on “Couldn’t help myself

  1. I am all about the product too, but I do love the process, so it’s all good. And after picking up, knitting and then ripping out a lace edge on a baby sweater, I better love the process! Lovely cowl, the yarn is gorgeous!

    • Thanks 🙂 Ugh to ripping out! Something I truly hate to do. Will you be sharing pictures if that adventure? Pretty please? I like the process as well, but mostly because I love holding the soft wool, lol. Plus I love my needles!

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