WIP Wednesday – the Elton hat

A few weeks ago I received a text late at night from a neighbour down the street. I’m very lucky to have a great street of people that get along decently well…we Facebook and text and have lots of options for milk, and eggs and sugar and coffee, and…why the heck do I even go to the grocery store!! Well on this night, I replied because of course I was still up, sleep is for the weak (and less caffeinated as it turns out!) and I got an invitation to the Elton John concert the next day! Turns out her boyfriend was down with a bad stomache bug and couldn’t go with her. And really. I’m super fun 😉

So off we went!


She had ah-mazing seats


And we had an ah-mazing time


Being a knitter, it’s always my go to way to say thank you. That…and jam. I make a wicked strawberry jam with my mother-in-law that would get you out of jail. It’s that good.

But I digress….


I call it the Elton hat, for obvious reasons!


And because I’m a bit addicted to knitting, this isn’t really a WIP…I finished and blocked it the second night!


It’s a modified creek side cables by Felicia lo in my go to Queensland rustic DK. I just love the slight tonal qualities of this wool


Of course I’m linking up with tami’s amis!


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