Inspiration Monday – laughter is the best medicine

In this winter – which is lasting longer than anybody in their right mind can enjoy- I’ve always found the best way to stay sane was to wrap myself is woolies, browse some new wools and find something funny.
Now I could regale you with stories from toddler land (we are just finishing potty learning so you can just imagine the depth of material I have!) but instead I thought I’d share my wealth of knitting humour memes I’ve collected off the inter webs. I figure a knitting blog might have more interest in knitting that poop 😉 hopefully these inspire a few laughs on a butt-clenchingly cold ass day!






Linking up with my bestie over at a baby’s smile knits



2 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday – laughter is the best medicine

  1. I had to LOL at the party one. My friends are known to instruct when my knitting is not allowed. For some reason they thought a retro disco was in the no knitting column. They wouldn’t let me bring it. I don’t understand, there are places you can’t knit?

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