WIP Wednesday- when good gauge goes bad

Aka: spruce cowl, take two.

You guys remember my pretty spruce cowl , right?

Well. I finished the first skein! And Russian joined the second skein!
…then I went to knit night and re-saw my inspiration spruce cowl knit by a friend.
And it was squishy
…like a marshmallow.

My spruce? This full skein and a bit of rather gorgeous berroco vintage knit and knit (and knit) during some intense hockey games? And ringette games? And ballet classes? And swimming lessons? (Which, actually, all happened in one week, I might be being a wee bit overly dramatic)

Ya, that’s the one. It was neither squishy, not marshmellowy. Where did I go wrong?

Well my dears, I did a simple thing wrong. I knit my vintage to the gauge on the tag. Not the gauge of the patterns. Ugh, rookie mistake!
I couldn’t bear to frog all that work right away, soI thought an experiment was in order. I frogged just the second skein, and then CO using much bigger needles. 6.5 mm vs 4.0 mm.


And it was glorious. Squishy. Like a marshmellow. Left, old and stiff. Right, new squishy goodness.


Oh my poor Knitters heart. A whole skein of perfection (if it was a sweater!) to rip back.

I figured what better time to rip back then when I could at least share the experience with people who would understand my grief frustration.

Put the tail in the winder…


Try not to cry…


…cry a bit


But, realize it is for the best. If that’s one thing knitting has taught me, is that you can fix your mistakes. Sure it can take a while, and be hard work and hurt…but you can fix ‘me if you really want to.


Plus, I had made a single mistake way back that I won’t have to reweave now, so yay! Hehe. Silver lining baby. Not to mention, I won’t have to buy a third skein to make it the length I had hoped it would be!

Of course, I’m also still working on my Lush, one more inch and I’m on the bottom ribbing! Hip hip hooray!!

Off to yarn along!

Inspiration Monday- working on my scarlet letter

I was pursuing my Pinterest board this morning contemplating what’s inspired me lately. I’ve been buried under two big projects with nary an end in sight all week, strictly limiting my ravelry time because…damn. I’m a cheater. I just know I’ll find the cutest little thing that …oupsies!! I have just the perfect (enough) wool for and then…double oupsies!! It just fell onto my needles.
It happens.

…a lot.

So I’ve been good. Monogamous. Faithful. Steadfast. bored. Annoyed

Today gives me a one day pass though, so let’s make it count! Ready for some eye candy?!


Beaded Holden shawl. In a delicious grapefruit pink that just makes my heart go pitter patter! The Pinterest link I found it in doesn’t credit the knitter, but whoever you are, brava!


This gorgeous example of eye popping colour work comes via stitches and purls is just perfection.


The super cool sky scarf. I mean, what’s not to love?! Great colours, one row a day, great keepsake? Score!


Ava tunic makes me smile. Great rainbow colours in a great simple dress.


nineteen hundred house dish cloth. Now that’s a quick cute project that anyone would love to receive. So quirky cute!



Mohawk Turtle shell cozies.
Just! Ah! Hehe

Well I hope my unfaithfulness has inspired you to do the same with whatever big project is on your needles right now. Because looking isn’t cheating. Unless you’re a knitter and your wool knows better. like mine. Shhhh

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FO Friday – novelty kids hats

When I first started knitting for hire, a local photographer approached me about doing some knits as photo props. It was about this time of year, and she was looking for something for Easter.
That’s when I first discovered the bunny ear hat


Made with Sidar snuggly yarn, it was the perfect texture for this and I just love it. The yarn has these interesting pompom style chunks in it which did make the knitting somewhat…difficult. I discovered it was best knit on 4mm needles, and you have to be forgiving with your tension. This particular wool is now discontinued (sob) but Sidar does have a few similar that I’ve since used.

Many of the cutest novelty hats, though, are crochet. What’s a knitter to do them? Teach themselves to crochet of course!
I started with the ever popular owl hat


And then there’s the bird hat I fell in love with…


But of course, my all time favourites I made specifically for the newborn photoshoot of my youngest.

Be prepared…you might just ovulate looking at this cuteness!




And that, dear ones, is why I love novelty hats! >

The post in which we all *squee* in girlie delight

My baby girl has made all my girl momma fantasies come true.
Adorable and sweet- check
Brilliant (obviously)- check
Loves pink- check
Loves tutus- check
Loves sparklies- check
Loves ballet – check check check!

As a redhead, pink is like the holy grail for me. I love it. It makes my heart pitter patter. I tried to wear it a few times as a kid…any fashion is cute under 6. After that, yikes. I have some unfortunate pictures of a nine yr old me, in a pink leisure suit, with pink glasses, and a really bad hair cut. *shudders*. Thankfully I embraced my ginger status and put aside the pink. Good decision!

So now I have this smart, gorgeous, blonde little bundle of pink loving ballerina, so what else could I do but outfit her in the best pinks the yarn world has to offer!

Exhibit A. Her ballet shrug!


*squeeeee*!! I know, right!

Check out the perfection of the raglan sleeves


She loves that it shows off the bling on her bodysuit


I did a 3/4 sleeve, there is nothing a ballet teacher hates more than not being able to see the dancers lines.


I used the confection baby shrug pattern and went up a needle size to 5mm and did a few extra raglan increases. I also added a little flair by doing a *k2tog, yo* on the round before the finish ribbing. Just a little something something!
Berroco vintage in the perfect ballet pink was a no brainer choice.

Obviously it’s showing a bit of wear already, but it’s been worn with love quite a few times already. Which is so much better than a prestine project!

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Inspiration Monday – yarn for the greater good

We’ve had a bit of a week round these parts. My oldest turned 8 (woot!) in the middle of March break last week and so the whole family took off for a fun filled day in Toronto. Train ride, eating out, hockey hall of fame…we packed it in. Meanwhile, earlier in the week he had stepped on a needle, and unbeknownst to us, poor kid had a chunk about an inch long stuck in his foot. An ER trip finished off his birthday. He’s since been limping around while we fight the infection. Did I mention he has an extreme needle and blood phobia? Oh yes. Fun times indeed.

In the midst of this chaos, I got wind of the fundraiser Three Irish girls wool was having, and was tossing around the idea of buying a skein of the ‘you are my sunshine’ sock yarn. Not only did I need the retail therapy, but the song ‘you are my sunshine’ is my daughter’s song and super special. Having blown a wad on my son’s birthday, I did the sucky, boring mature, responsible thing and did not purchase the luscious skein so conveniently placed in my cart.

But then…

An amazing thing happened.

I was visited by a wool faerie


What a lovely surprise after a stressful week :). My wool faerie knew just what I needed to put a big smile on my face and keep me going a few more days. It also gave me something to do while sitting in the ER, browsing through ravelry is so fun especially when you have new wool.

Nutkin socks?
Business Casual socks?
Or…what’s your favourite sock pattern?

Thank you wool faerie 🙂 I know you’re reading this!

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WIP Wednesday- old is new again

Happy hump day!! March break is half way over and I’m half rejoicing and half going crazy. I seriously love not packing lunches and waking up early to an alarm. It’s some serious love here people. Add in the pajamas all morning, and I’m a happy camper. On the flip side though, having all three kids home all day creates a black hole in the fridge and pantry and way too much bickering. Ouie vay!
So far I’ve harnessed their energy and spring cleaned all the bedrooms. That was not a welcomed activity, haha!

But enough of that, you came to see the goods!

This week I’ve delved into my WIP stash and have pulled out my 11 month old Lush cardigan.
It’s such a beauty, I fell in love with the lace panel that shapes/forms the yoke and cast on with my only skein of malabrigo arroyo in azules colour way


Yes, you heard that right…I started a sweater with only one skein of, it turns out, a rather hard to locate wool. Not my brightest moment.
I searched two frolics, and countless stores before I found 3.5 skeins available for sale on ravelry.
I bought those bad boys lickity split


Unfortunately for lush, one I got past the arms and it was pure stockinette, it’s been hard to keep going. I hate purling. I also hate purling something like 400 stitches in a row. There is nothing like knitting a sweater in your size to make you seriously consider a diet. Excuse me while I go grab a celery stick….

Haha, kidding. I love you calories :p

So poor lush has had a few rows tossed on her this past fall/winter, but not much and not often. The past few weeks as I’ve been dreaming of spring I decided I needed to buckle down and get moving on lush as it would be the perfect cardi to walk to the bus stop.


Lush came with me to knit night last week, where my circular needles promptly broke! My needle genocide will need it’s own post, lol.

So that’s where I am. Knitting endless stockinette. But at least it’s in mal… Cause anything in mal is heaven!

Off to Tami’s, made by me, KCCO, and yarn along to see what everyone is up to and get some inspiration to keep going on lush!

Inspiration Monday – dream knit file

Today I thought I’d share some of my dream patterns, these are my go-to drool worthy ‘one day I’ll knit it’ items. Maybe one of these will tickle your fancy too!

viajante, is this fabulous 3 dimensional triangular shawl that in reality is a tube you knit in the round! Wear is as a shawl, cowl, poncho…it’s so versatile and gorgeous!


A huge roving blanket like biologyrose’s giganto blanket. This makes me tingle in all the right places!


These gorgeous Druid mittens from vogue. I have a weakness for Celtic designs, and coupled with this shamrock green hits all the right notes for me.


fluffy ethereal tutu for my baby girl because…ermagerd. Fluffy. Ethereal. Knitted. Tutu. There is no other reason, this embodies all my baby girl mama joys in the world!


Everyone needs a pair of love socks. Mandatory, don’t fight it.


The construction of this pullover is so creative it makes me want to cast on right now! gaspard pullover


Celestarium, because, damn. Amazing.


So what do you think? See anything you’d add to your dream knit file?

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Couldn’t help myself

If it’s not obvious yet, then let me tell you…I am a product Knitter.
I knit so I can admire the finished results. To keep, to give away, to sell…doesn’t matter. There is just nothing I love more than the oohs and ahhs a beautiful finished product garners. I admit to being an attention whore in that regard, I preen like a damn peacock, I tell you!
That doesn’t mean I don’t love the process of knitting, cause I do, but I don’t knit for fun; I knit to get it done. I think this may be why I’m a marathon knitter. When I get something stuck in my head I just have to finish.
Case in point. Wednesday night I was at knit night with ma gang, and I just happened to pick up a skein of the most glorious malabrigo. Ouie was it perfect. It came home with me all would up, and I spent the rest of my night contemplating what It would become. Originally I was thinking seed stitch infinity cowl. Even knit a couple of inches before deciding it just wasn’t right. For once it wasn’t a painful frogging!

Hidden in my rather large collection of patterns to try I came across a gem I hadn’t yet knit…turtle tracks cowl
It looked perfect. Simple enough to embrace the variegated colours, with just a bit of pattern for fun.

Well now. Hi honey, I’m hooooome!


It started fast, and just kept on going


Malabrigo is such a joy to knit with I almost, just almost, became a Process Knitter. Almost but not quite, As I couldn’t even wait to block it before this beauty was around my neck. Product, that’s where I’m at


FO Friday- bring it winter, I’ve got this

While I’m sure I’m being cursed right and left just for that title, I can’t help myself. I’ve got these…


The most delicious, fluffy, squishy, warm, boxing mitts you’ve ever seen


I used 2 oz of roving for each mitten, and boy did I really have to squish the roving in at the end, lol. The roving is a beautiful pop of purple, merino from an indie dyer based in Montreal, Divinity Fibers on etsy.


The wool is that OOAK skein I bought last fall from Tanis Fiber Arts
The purples look great together

I’ve been wearing them all week and they are starting to get the perfect felted shape of my hand inside.

So yeah…with these on my hands, I can deal with a few more -30 days!!

WIP Wednesday – the Elton hat

A few weeks ago I received a text late at night from a neighbour down the street. I’m very lucky to have a great street of people that get along decently well…we Facebook and text and have lots of options for milk, and eggs and sugar and coffee, and…why the heck do I even go to the grocery store!! Well on this night, I replied because of course I was still up, sleep is for the weak (and less caffeinated as it turns out!) and I got an invitation to the Elton John concert the next day! Turns out her boyfriend was down with a bad stomache bug and couldn’t go with her. And really. I’m super fun 😉

So off we went!


She had ah-mazing seats


And we had an ah-mazing time


Being a knitter, it’s always my go to way to say thank you. That…and jam. I make a wicked strawberry jam with my mother-in-law that would get you out of jail. It’s that good.

But I digress….


I call it the Elton hat, for obvious reasons!


And because I’m a bit addicted to knitting, this isn’t really a WIP…I finished and blocked it the second night!


It’s a modified creek side cables by Felicia lo in my go to Queensland rustic DK. I just love the slight tonal qualities of this wool


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