FO Friday – French Cancan

Well guys, I finished it! This beauty was cast on on a whim, languished for a bit with the whole ‘I don’t want to knit an edging!’ then slowly grew to completion. I had some help and encouragement along the way as Christina over at a baby’s smile knits was knitting the exact same shawl. Funny how friends do that, lol. Now we have matching sweaters and shawls…more than one πŸ˜‰

I had originally planned on knitting cancan with berroco vintage in a nice teal, but at the last minute subbed in a beautiful forest green wool, rustic wool by Queensland.


I love the slight tonal quality of this wool, and you can’t beat the price. It’s lovely to work with, although it is just this side of soft. I don’t mind the tiny bit of texture it has at all. And neither does my daughter, she loves the tulip sweater and matching hat I’ve made her. I’ve also done a newborn sweater and various hats.

The garter section flew by, but the lace edging pattern took me a long time to memorize, and I noticed I was slipping my stitches incorrectly so had to frog a chunk back.


Once I got the rhythm of the edge, it was just a matters of doing it. It took two evenings to finish that section and not nearly as much wool as I had conserved for it!


I ended up using about 3.75 balls, so 175 g/470 yards. I have 1.25 balls left, which means….HAT!

I decided to not stretch out the squishy garter too much, and just pinned the spikes


Never.again. My next trip to my LYS will be to buy blocking wires!


Thanks to my house’s need for some moisture, this blocked up like a dream and I’ve been wearing it since!



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