FO Friday…my secret project!

My LYS has this really great contest each year, in which you can buy a ‘package’ of wool and you create a secret project using just that wool. Then all the creations are displayed in the shop window and people vote for their favourites. It’s such a fun event, it’s fascinating to see what people create. The diversity is astounding!

This year we had red and white Briggs & Little Regal to work with. Couldnt be more patriotic than that!
I’d never used regal before, so my first step was to hop on ravelry and check it out. Read through the comments and scroll through the listed project. It was quickly clear this is not really a ‘by your skin’ wool. It’s a tough workhorse wool great for it’s strength and durability. I had been toying with the idea of knitting a Canadian hockey jersey sweater for my eldest, but ya, not the right wool.

I went back and forth a few time about what to make. Something we’d use, something fun, something not too time consuming since the children have this odd idea they need food and clean clothes (seriously, I had no idea either! Such demanding things)

Soper creek yarn posted a photo of the finished projects…

Isn’t that just a glorious photo! I feel like I should stand up and take off my hat it’s so patriotic! (Ok, I’m not wearing a hat, details details)

I didn’t knit a hat, and I didn’t knit mitts (*ahem* somebody leaked their secret project early, lol!). I didn’t knit that cute turtle, but doesn’t it just make you want to snuggle it? I didn’t knit that wicked maple leaf shawl but I sure the hell wish I had, that thing is gorgeous! I didn’t crochet the cat in the hat hat, I made my eldest one four years ago that he still loves, so it’s obvious a great choice πŸ˜‰ that wine bottle cozy is brilliant, but wine never stick around long enough in my house to need a cozy!

So what did I knit?


A hot water bottle cozy to keep my husband’s iceberg feet warm! (And maybe off me, lol ;))

It was my first foray into colour work, and I messed up and blocked it before closing the bottom with a Kitchener stitch so it’s all wonky. But otherwise me lovey. Another damp blocking will fix the bottom no problem.

I can’t wait to get it home!


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