WIP Wednesday

Hi there! We are basking in the sun today, it’s glorious out and we have our fingers crossed some of this snow might melt. Just a bit would be lovely, I’ve got this horrible bump on the end of my driveway that love nor elbow grease have been able to budge. It’s the perfect day for the kids to play outside for a bit and I’ve promised to help them build a snow fort. Fun times!

In knitting news, I’m thrilled to have finished my secret yarn challenge in the knick of time. And the bonus is it’s going to be a loved and useful addition to our house after I get it back from voting! I can’t wait to share it with you guys, but wait I must.

But! I have managed to put a few (or, a whole skein!) of stitches onto my Spruce Cowl. I have one other skein to use but I’m wondering if I won’t want it longer. But…it’ll grow when I block it, so there’s that to consider. I’m never good at guessing growth rates!


Also just about to jump on my needles is an adult sized purple loch. I’ll probably start that tonight at my knit night!


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

    • Thanks! Speedy progress is awesome, I’ve been knitting a lot on it while watching Olympics. It’s an easy enough pattern for that. I was trying to work on a cable/lace pattern while watching hockey…that was a disaster! Lol

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