WIP Wednesday

The WIPs are starting to overrun my house! It seems for every project I manage to cast off, four more jump on my needles…and then just sit there. Ugh. It’s gotten to the point that…I’m running out of needles.

…I know, I know, that’s a statistical improbability!
Exhibit A


And those were just the empty ones!

But it’s happened, so now I must knit.

My newest WIP, a brand new cowl!
Spruce, knit in berroco vintage in a great turquoise that is a nice complement to my Frosted Frozen hat. Technically a scarf, it’s designed with the option of including button holes to turn it into an infinity cowl. I’m looking forward in wrapping my neck up in this at the hockey rink! A friend at my knitting group finished one a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it. Too bad she caught me leaving with it! Haha!



It’s my plan to knit on this during spell binding olympic events, when I can’t take my eyes off the sport action.

I’m still diligently working on my secret LYS contest project that I can’t wait to showcase later this month. Im using a new to me technique so it’s been a great learning opportunity. Also knit with a wool I’ve never knit with before. Briggs and little regal. Any opinions on it? I can’t say I’m a huge fan, but I can see that it would be great for certain projects.

Can’t forget my French cancan, which is slow going since it takes all my attention to follow the lace pattern.

My thrumming is prepped for my mitts, but the needles I need are currently on Cancan and lush. I should really start throwing done stitches on lush, poor thing is coming up on a year birthday!

So…there you have it!

I’m off to check out some fellow knitters WIPs over at tami’s!


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