A new stitch

I’ve mentioned before how I’ll try anything once.

Well, not everything I guess, I’m pretty sure Russian roulette, Base jumping and polygamy are firmly on my avoid list…

But otherwise, bring it!

This seems to be rather helpful mindset for a knitter. 12′ scarf? Sure! 8 hats in 8 days, sure! Lace…cables…colour work, sure! Which leads me to the newest member of my once list…herringbone stitch.


To put it bluntly, it’s going on my avoid list! I love the look, don’t get me wrong. It’s gorgeous. Unique. Eye catching. But it is also mind numbing, blister forming and swear inducing!

But I finished. I started out using the huntress pattern as a guideline, but ended up changing pretty much everything, lol.


The biggest difference was that I had only a Aran weight wool. I held it double for the neck rings, as wheel as I made smaller neck rings using rolled up artic fleece so the rings had more flex and ‘cozy’ factor. The rings are approximately 25″ in circumference. Then I picked up about 120 stitches 2 for every 3 stitches) and using the honking big (technical term, obviously!) 9mm needles I knit 13 rounds of plain stockinette with the wool still held double. I wanted to create a shoulder cap look before the body triangle pieces attached.


Separately, I knit the two triangle pieces, casting on an obscene amount (again with the technical terms!) of stitches and doing the herringbone stitch. For the first 35 rows I decreased one stitch per row. Then I started decreasing two stitches per row since I was worried the triangles were getting too big. Knit knit knit, weave in ends, mattress stitch together and tada!!

It’s destined to be part of a friends maternity photos, so I’ll have some lovely shots of it in use soon 🙂

This photo doesn’t do it justice!




2 thoughts on “A new stitch

  1. Very brave to take that on. I love the look of HS, but doubt I will be using it any time soon. Or maybe just on a VERY small piece. LOL Great job on the neck thingie/shrug/cowl/?

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