WIP Wednesday

Hello hello! As you might (or might not, haha who am I kidding here) have noticed I missed my FO Friday post. Good reason for that…I got nothing to show ya! I have been seriously slacking in the…ah…finishing department. I’ve lost my mojo man!
On the bright side, a blonde savior came and rescued my french cancan from a life in the WIP bin

Christina over at a baby’s smile knits let me know in no uncertain terms that I was not to write off that lovely piece of garter stitch and she came and got me started on my knit edge. I’m slowly making progress on it now.




Had to put it down again when I got a custom order for none other than a Katniss cowl (from the hunger games 2). The patterns all seemed to call for lions brand thick and chunky wool, but my friend wanted something more decadent, we tossed around the idea of doing it out of malabrigo rasta (I might have orgasmed a bit at the idea, I admit!) but in the end it was nearly impossible to find three skeins of rasta without ordering online and we needed it ASAP. Instead I found some absolutely lovely wool/alpaca blend at my LYS, in the perfect coal grey. Only chunky though, not super bulky.
I toyed with holding it double, but that swatch just felt so stiff I decided I’d rather cast on extra stitches and do a single layer. Of herringbone stitch, kill my hands now! It’s extremely slow going, I’m not in love. But, like I’ve said before, I’ll do anything once! This will be quite the finished piece.


I’m hooking up with


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