WIP Wednesday

I’ve got a few things to show you guys today. Seems I’ve got a bit of the cast-onitis that’s been making the rounds! I’m not usually susceptible since I do so love me some quick projects. But this week I can’t seem to finish a thing and more projects just keep jumping onto my needles!

I started this week with only 1 current WIP, my French cancan.
You remember this beauty..


The pattern calls for 201 stitches before starting the knitted on border. The border being the real fun stuff that you slogged through 201 garter stitches for. A delicate lace with a smooth classy braid cable. It’s the whole point of this gorgeous girl. Yet somehow after I reached 201 stitches, I psyched myself out of starting the border. ‘Just one more row’ was how it started…or my favourite ‘I don’t have time to sit with the pattern so I’ll just throw on some more garter’. These seem to have been happening most if the week, because the next thing I know I’m through 2.5 skeins if wool and have 251 stitches. Oupsies!! Even with all that…I’m still procrastinating that damn border!

In the classic knitters move to distract myself from a problematic WIP (instead of, well, just doing it) I cast on another project.
These sweet little malabrigo socks for my girl


I’m using my 2.25mm sock rockets and double lopping these bad boys 2-at-a-time. I’m following a basic kid pattern cause I’m not sure that even with her hefty promises that she’ll take care of them, so I’m kinda putting the minimal amount of work Into them. Pattern called for 36 stitches for her size…but that seemed awfully small so I upped it to 40. Still…crazy slim. I hope they fit.

And of course, I got a fabulous package in the mail yesterday…my roving!


Vacuumed sealed for freshness and everything! It’s beyond gorgeous and just what I had in mind to go with my OOAK skein of green label tanis wool. For thrummed mitts of course! (Let’s not talk about the carnage frogging my previous thrummed attempt created, m’kay?)


See how the purple thrumming brings out the purple undertones (or is it overtones?! I never know.) in the darker skein? Pure perfection, am I right? So glad I didn’t go teal like I had originally planned.

So of course like any good procrastinator, these will be cast on today so that I don’t have to finish the French cancan border or the maybe too-small socks.

Ahhh the life of a knitter


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