I’ve had a busy week full of hats, hats and more hats. Honestly I don’t want to look at another balaclava, let alone 2×2 rib for a loooong while. You can imagine my nausea when my son requested that instead of goodie bags at his upcoming birthday party, I knit all his friends balaclava…in their favourite nhl team colours! Hahahahha….no. Hellz no. I made the mistake of setting a president last year by knitting (in super chunk) cupcake hats for the goodie bag presents at my daughters party.



Let’s just say after knitting 8 of those buggers in 7 days I pretty much never want to see them again 😉

Aside from the plethora of hats, I also cast on a little something-something for moi.
French Cancan



I stole the 5 skeins of forest green rustic DK From what I had bought to make a Spruce cowl. I’m thinking of putting some lovely berroco vintage in teal towards the spruce. I’m just finishing the first 50g ball, so tonight I’m going to see if my LYS has a sixth skein so I can make the French CanCan bigger. I adore how this pattern let’s you make a custom size. They let you know the lace+cable section takes about half the wool, so I figure three balls of squishee fabulous garter and three balls for the edging.

Also in the works is a request for a custom Katniss Everdeen cowl, you know the one…slightly post apocalyptic asymmetrical beauty from the latest movie. Ravelry is inundated with look alike patterns so after browsing through I think I’m going with the huntress. My customer is looking for a sinfully decadent piece, which means I get to go play at my LYS tonight in the expensive sugar-daddy wools, weeeeee!


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