Frosted: a tale of earlobe warmth

I’m sure I speak for most hardy Canadians here, but you gotta have a hat that covers your earlobes when it’s -40c out. Am I right or am I right! No poor little bare earlobes can survive those temps for long, and I, for one, like my whittle wobes nice and snug in wool.

So why, then, is it so many hat patterns have ear lobes left dangling in the *ahem* artic breeze? Even if you get lucky to find one long enough (or like me you knit an extra inch, pattern allowing, before decreasing) in general it’s only a single layer of wool covering your precious lobies. I needed more, and brimmed hats are the freaking best. My modified Amanda hat has been my go to hat all year, but now that the Christmas rush is behind me, I can start branching out to the selfish knits in my queue (sweater much!)

My answer…a new pattern, which is almost ready for a quick test knit and release. And of course I used the most delicious skein of tanis fiber arts green label. I mean….of course!!

I introduce you to…frosted!


A cabled French braid knit lengthwise then grafted. The bowl of the hat is then picked up and knit. Easy peasy and oh so warm for those ear lobes!


Not to mention and nice looooong bowl to keep the cabled right where you want ‘me.



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