Couldn’t help myself. WIP Wednesday


Girlfriend loved the little guy’s balaclavanew so much, she needed one too. And I just happened to have a skein of this gorgeous malabrigo in my stash (ok, ok, I actually have two skeins ;)). Knitting 2×2 rib in malabrigo is like squishing a cloud, just heavenly! My girl has fallen in love.

See, she’s totally smiling in there 😉



I did do a few mods. I cast on an extra 4 stitches to add a bit of diameter, used a 5 mm circular for the first 4 inches of rib before going down to 4 mm’s and knit an extra inch in the rib because girlfriend is part giraffe and part Mediterranean cold-hater and I just knew she’d have this pulled up as far as it could go.
I kept the face opening the same size as the toddler pattern called for, which makes a nice fit for her :).
Because of the extra 4 stitches, my decreases started with k9, k2tog, and I like the fit of the crown very much.

The only thing left is some sort of embellishment. A crochet flower? A knit bow? …you know, because pink isn’t girlie enough for my girl, haha!

Off to visit tami and see what everyone is up to!


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