This weekend’s work

Coming down off my all-consuming cardigan was surprisingly hard! I felt a little lost sitting in my knitting spot the next day, having nothing immediately to pick up and throw some stitches on.

Now don’t get my wrong…I have an overflowing queue on ravelry like the best of ’em.
…And a wool stash that continues to multiply like rabbits
…And even a few dormant WIPs (some of which have even been divested on their needles, lol).

Yet I was feeling a bit empty.

Perusing my queue list, I kept coming back to one pattern, wee balaclava by mama cerise. We had picked up a new one-piece snowsuit for our youngest over Christmas vacation, but of course his old hat didn’t match. And what kind of mother-knitter would I be if their hats didn’t match their coats 😉

Can you feel my shame?!

So I decided a matching hat would be my new mission, and thus Con’s can was born





I found the pattern was easy to follow, the strips made all that ribbing slightly less boring 😉 I particularly liked the side face gussets. I ended up you tubing an invisible 2×2 rib cast on, which I hate. Omg it was a pain and hard to do. The invisible 1×1 cast off was so much easier!
Of course, I’m pissed with myself for not doing a quick knit round before the ribbing around the face which would have eliminated that purl dash. Ah well. I’m not ripping it back, dude needs to wear it tomorrow!


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