Hello all! Seems I’ve abandoned you this holiday season. Sorry about that! I was caught up trying to survive in the whirlwind of Christmas with three young (and very very excited) children, a fun old fashioned family road trip Christmas to visit my big brother in Montreal (bonjour!) then back home to pack up my baby girl who was flying with my in-laws to Winnipeg! All, of course, while doing a very excellent…if I do say so myself….impersonation of a walking dead zombie, suffering from the cold from hell. 10 days later and I’m still not 100%. Ridiculous!

But, I digress…
Winter-peg hit a balmy -47 while girlfriend’s been there, just a bit nippy! My girlie is more a copper tone girl than a snow bunny, but she is wrapped up like Randy, ralphie’s little brother, and is preoccupied having the time of her life with her girl cousins. Girlfriend hasn’t gotten to play barbies so much…Eva!

While this has all been going on, my needles have been clicking away. I managed *insert round of aplause* To finish all my Christmas knitting! Socks and hats and scarves and ballet gear galore!

Girlfriend modeling her ballet shrug. Don’t mine me, I’m so dropped up of NyQuil, DayQuil and Advil I don’t remember much of Christmas?

Then to top it off, my cold-blooded husband requested a pair of thrummed mitts, and since he has never once requested a knit item, I pounced on that and knit him up some bad boy thrums. Black with red thrumming. I admit that it took me about 3/4 of the first mitt to get the thrumming right (knitting through the back loop did not work for me) but his second mitt is purrrr-fect.

(See how by the finger tips my thrums were more defined ‘V”s? Yeah, I’ll be fixing this mitt.)


Then, I started a test knit for sweetgeorgia! A beautiful cardigan, mine is in a deep amethyst. My size calls for 10 skeins (gulp!) and I’m only 3 in.

It’s bottom up, and I’m closing in on the split for the arms. Ive been using this opportunity of a gazillion purl stitches to practice thumb throwing, but I suck. No buts about it, I am not a fast purl-er. See, I’m a continental knitter (ya baby!!) and I just can’t figure out how. Granted, I spent the first three years of my knitting career accidentally twisting my purls! How embarrassing that was :p

I do have some excellent news though, I got my greedy little hands on a new camera for Christmas! I just have to figure out how to get pictures from the camera to the computer now, haha! Damn technology.


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