WIP Wednesday

I’ve got a few things to show you guys today. Seems I’ve got a bit of the cast-onitis that’s been making the rounds! I’m not usually susceptible since I do so love me some quick projects. But this week I can’t seem to finish a thing and more projects just keep jumping onto my needles!

I started this week with only 1 current WIP, my French cancan.
You remember this beauty..


The pattern calls for 201 stitches before starting the knitted on border. The border being the real fun stuff that you slogged through 201 garter stitches for. A delicate lace with a smooth classy braid cable. It’s the whole point of this gorgeous girl. Yet somehow after I reached 201 stitches, I psyched myself out of starting the border. ‘Just one more row’ was how it started…or my favourite ‘I don’t have time to sit with the pattern so I’ll just throw on some more garter’. These seem to have been happening most if the week, because the next thing I know I’m through 2.5 skeins if wool and have 251 stitches. Oupsies!! Even with all that…I’m still procrastinating that damn border!

In the classic knitters move to distract myself from a problematic WIP (instead of, well, just doing it) I cast on another project.
These sweet little malabrigo socks for my girl


I’m using my 2.25mm sock rockets and double lopping these bad boys 2-at-a-time. I’m following a basic kid pattern cause I’m not sure that even with her hefty promises that she’ll take care of them, so I’m kinda putting the minimal amount of work Into them. Pattern called for 36 stitches for her size…but that seemed awfully small so I upped it to 40. Still…crazy slim. I hope they fit.

And of course, I got a fabulous package in the mail yesterday…my roving!


Vacuumed sealed for freshness and everything! It’s beyond gorgeous and just what I had in mind to go with my OOAK skein of green label tanis wool. For thrummed mitts of course! (Let’s not talk about the carnage frogging my previous thrummed attempt created, m’kay?)


See how the purple thrumming brings out the purple undertones (or is it overtones?! I never know.) in the darker skein? Pure perfection, am I right? So glad I didn’t go teal like I had originally planned.

So of course like any good procrastinator, these will be cast on today so that I don’t have to finish the French cancan border or the maybe too-small socks.

Ahhh the life of a knitter

The post where I beg for your vote!

Our family photographer has created a contest for her clients to win a free family session. She’s an amazing photographer and the competition is fierce.

…and I really really really want to win .

Kerri took our very first family pictures in September, and I absolutely adore them. It was such fun too, the kids didn’t want to leave! And being the usual family photographer, I truly cherish these pictures of me and the kids, and me and the husband together. They’re so rare!

…plus I don’t think I look like a troll, so win-win!

So this is where I ask for you to pretty pretty please take a minute and go vote for us 🙂
It’s quick and simple! You can vote every day 😉 and win my undying love and loyalty!
Just go here,
Images by Kerri Photo Contest

And pick us!



I’ve had a busy week full of hats, hats and more hats. Honestly I don’t want to look at another balaclava, let alone 2×2 rib for a loooong while. You can imagine my nausea when my son requested that instead of goodie bags at his upcoming birthday party, I knit all his friends balaclava…in their favourite nhl team colours! Hahahahha….no. Hellz no. I made the mistake of setting a president last year by knitting (in super chunk) cupcake hats for the goodie bag presents at my daughters party.



Let’s just say after knitting 8 of those buggers in 7 days I pretty much never want to see them again 😉

Aside from the plethora of hats, I also cast on a little something-something for moi.
French Cancan



I stole the 5 skeins of forest green rustic DK From what I had bought to make a Spruce cowl. I’m thinking of putting some lovely berroco vintage in teal towards the spruce. I’m just finishing the first 50g ball, so tonight I’m going to see if my LYS has a sixth skein so I can make the French CanCan bigger. I adore how this pattern let’s you make a custom size. They let you know the lace+cable section takes about half the wool, so I figure three balls of squishee fabulous garter and three balls for the edging.

Also in the works is a request for a custom Katniss Everdeen cowl, you know the one…slightly post apocalyptic asymmetrical beauty from the latest movie. Ravelry is inundated with look alike patterns so after browsing through I think I’m going with the huntress. My customer is looking for a sinfully decadent piece, which means I get to go play at my LYS tonight in the expensive sugar-daddy wools, weeeeee!

Third times…still a charm

Yup, I’m sure you can guess what’s next. Three kids, two completed balaclavas….totally unequal equation. So of course it means that like a good little knitter mommy I spent my weekend knitting up the perfect lid for my biggest boy. Who just happens to be a Pittsburg penguins lover.


I did a few mods on my now go-to balaclava pattern. First, chunky wool. Berroco vintage chunky to be specific. Yum yum yum! I cast on as specified, knit my 8 inches, then I cast on an extra 8 stitches for the hat forehead. What can I say, my kids got an adult noggin!

Frosted: a tale of earlobe warmth

I’m sure I speak for most hardy Canadians here, but you gotta have a hat that covers your earlobes when it’s -40c out. Am I right or am I right! No poor little bare earlobes can survive those temps for long, and I, for one, like my whittle wobes nice and snug in wool.

So why, then, is it so many hat patterns have ear lobes left dangling in the *ahem* artic breeze? Even if you get lucky to find one long enough (or like me you knit an extra inch, pattern allowing, before decreasing) in general it’s only a single layer of wool covering your precious lobies. I needed more, and brimmed hats are the freaking best. My modified Amanda hat has been my go to hat all year, but now that the Christmas rush is behind me, I can start branching out to the selfish knits in my queue (sweater much!)

My answer…a new pattern, which is almost ready for a quick test knit and release. And of course I used the most delicious skein of tanis fiber arts green label. I mean….of course!!

I introduce you to…frosted!


A cabled French braid knit lengthwise then grafted. The bowl of the hat is then picked up and knit. Easy peasy and oh so warm for those ear lobes!


Not to mention and nice looooong bowl to keep the cabled right where you want ‘me.


Couldn’t help myself. WIP Wednesday


Girlfriend loved the little guy’s balaclavanew so much, she needed one too. And I just happened to have a skein of this gorgeous malabrigo in my stash (ok, ok, I actually have two skeins ;)). Knitting 2×2 rib in malabrigo is like squishing a cloud, just heavenly! My girl has fallen in love.

See, she’s totally smiling in there 😉



I did do a few mods. I cast on an extra 4 stitches to add a bit of diameter, used a 5 mm circular for the first 4 inches of rib before going down to 4 mm’s and knit an extra inch in the rib because girlfriend is part giraffe and part Mediterranean cold-hater and I just knew she’d have this pulled up as far as it could go.
I kept the face opening the same size as the toddler pattern called for, which makes a nice fit for her :).
Because of the extra 4 stitches, my decreases started with k9, k2tog, and I like the fit of the crown very much.

The only thing left is some sort of embellishment. A crochet flower? A knit bow? …you know, because pink isn’t girlie enough for my girl, haha!

Off to visit tami and see what everyone is up to!

This weekend’s work

Coming down off my all-consuming cardigan was surprisingly hard! I felt a little lost sitting in my knitting spot the next day, having nothing immediately to pick up and throw some stitches on.

Now don’t get my wrong…I have an overflowing queue on ravelry like the best of ’em.
…And a wool stash that continues to multiply like rabbits
…And even a few dormant WIPs (some of which have even been divested on their needles, lol).

Yet I was feeling a bit empty.

Perusing my queue list, I kept coming back to one pattern, wee balaclava by mama cerise. We had picked up a new one-piece snowsuit for our youngest over Christmas vacation, but of course his old hat didn’t match. And what kind of mother-knitter would I be if their hats didn’t match their coats 😉

Can you feel my shame?!

So I decided a matching hat would be my new mission, and thus Con’s can was born





I found the pattern was easy to follow, the strips made all that ribbing slightly less boring 😉 I particularly liked the side face gussets. I ended up you tubing an invisible 2×2 rib cast on, which I hate. Omg it was a pain and hard to do. The invisible 1×1 cast off was so much easier!
Of course, I’m pissed with myself for not doing a quick knit round before the ribbing around the face which would have eliminated that purl dash. Ah well. I’m not ripping it back, dude needs to wear it tomorrow!

FO Friday: Cardi in a hurry!

Stretching my testing legs, back in December I signed up to knit a new pattern for sweet Georgia.

A selfish knit…
A sweater (!)…
At Christmas!!!

Yes, I am insane, thanks for asking, ha!

Of course, as always, I cast on some last minute Christmas gifts and this got pushed to the back burner until January, which gave me a grand total of 10 days to knit a sweater. A biiiig sweater because let me tell you, I am not a skinny woman. There were a few moments during the knit that I seriously contemplated a diet, haha!

My beauty…in all it’s glory! I’m going to save the details till the pattern is released 😉



Hello all! Seems I’ve abandoned you this holiday season. Sorry about that! I was caught up trying to survive in the whirlwind of Christmas with three young (and very very excited) children, a fun old fashioned family road trip Christmas to visit my big brother in Montreal (bonjour!) then back home to pack up my baby girl who was flying with my in-laws to Winnipeg! All, of course, while doing a very excellent…if I do say so myself….impersonation of a walking dead zombie, suffering from the cold from hell. 10 days later and I’m still not 100%. Ridiculous!

But, I digress…
Winter-peg hit a balmy -47 while girlfriend’s been there, just a bit nippy! My girlie is more a copper tone girl than a snow bunny, but she is wrapped up like Randy, ralphie’s little brother, and is preoccupied having the time of her life with her girl cousins. Girlfriend hasn’t gotten to play barbies so much…Eva!

While this has all been going on, my needles have been clicking away. I managed *insert round of aplause* To finish all my Christmas knitting! Socks and hats and scarves and ballet gear galore!

Girlfriend modeling her ballet shrug. Don’t mine me, I’m so dropped up of NyQuil, DayQuil and Advil I don’t remember much of Christmas?

Then to top it off, my cold-blooded husband requested a pair of thrummed mitts, and since he has never once requested a knit item, I pounced on that and knit him up some bad boy thrums. Black with red thrumming. I admit that it took me about 3/4 of the first mitt to get the thrumming right (knitting through the back loop did not work for me) but his second mitt is purrrr-fect.

(See how by the finger tips my thrums were more defined ‘V”s? Yeah, I’ll be fixing this mitt.)


Then, I started a test knit for sweetgeorgia! A beautiful cardigan, mine is in a deep amethyst. My size calls for 10 skeins (gulp!) and I’m only 3 in.

It’s bottom up, and I’m closing in on the split for the arms. Ive been using this opportunity of a gazillion purl stitches to practice thumb throwing, but I suck. No buts about it, I am not a fast purl-er. See, I’m a continental knitter (ya baby!!) and I just can’t figure out how. Granted, I spent the first three years of my knitting career accidentally twisting my purls! How embarrassing that was :p

I do have some excellent news though, I got my greedy little hands on a new camera for Christmas! I just have to figure out how to get pictures from the camera to the computer now, haha! Damn technology.