Super secret Christmas WIP

I haven’t been able to share this one previously since my baby girl always seems to around when I can take a picture in the daylight! She’s super sneaky, so quiet you never know she’s there. It’s a serious skill, ‘yo. But today she’s at school, where she just won an award for being respectful, proud mama moment! She was so adorable, I screamed and clapped and basically tried to make her feel like the most awesomest kid around. I hope I succeeded!
Of course this proud mama moment was followed by the 45 minute walk home…in the snow…uphill…pushing my little man in the stroller. Me and exercise of that magnitude are not friends! I had some colorful curse words in my head for quite a few of the homeowners who didn’t shovel. But now I’m home. I’ve had my tea and it’s almost nap time (yay!) so here’s my super secret Christmas present.

Well, half of it!

Spiral legwarmer(s)!! Berroco vintage in a beautiful soft ballet pink, on 4.0 mm needles, then I switched to 5.0 mm about 3/4 of the way up.



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