FO Friday!

Well folks, this week I went down, and I went down hard. I was so sick not only could I not be bothered to even tell Facebook (*gasp*! I know!) but on Wednesday, for the first time in the almost 8 years I’ve been a mother, I called my husband home early from work. Something about not being able to get off the floor of my bathroom broke my spirit and I conceded defeat. 2 days later and I’ve still barely made a dent in cleaning up the house. How can three children destroy real estate so darn quickly?! Monkey man also thought throwing projectiles at his sister was a fun new pastime so poor girlfriend showed up to her class Christmas party looking like a prize fighter. Aie yi yi.

So. FO Friday! …and I have nothing to show you, lol! I’ve knit 7 feet of glorious garter stitch in the never ending dr. Who scarf, and that’s been pretty much where all my stitch time has been dedicated to. So instead of a new FO, I’ll show off my favourite selfish knit of all time.
dragonfly wings, a fabulous free pattern, knit in a special skein of alegria I had been hoarding


It’s the perfect size and weight to wear spring, summer, fall and even inside during winter. I wore it for our family pictures….


And for pretty much anytime I wore anything turquoise. Which is a lot. 😉


Now I’m off to tami’s to see what I’ve missed out on this week!


3 thoughts on “FO Friday!

  1. Gosh, you poor thing – sounds like you’ve been really laid up. Lots of garter stitch is definitely the thing when you’re ill!

    That’s a really lovely scarf. It’s so great when you can make something beautiful that you can wear all the time – too often lovely things end up only coming out on ‘special’ occasions. Having something to make you smile every day has to be a good thing 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 garter stitch can be quite therapeutic! I’m enjoying it.

      Also I couldn’t agree more about wearing lovely things. It would make me so sad to gift something and not have it worn. I’d be thrilled to see something loved and used used used!

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