FO Friday

Since I’m still such a newbie in the blogosphere (can you believe blogosphere is in my autocorrect?!) I have so many FO I could showcase today! I’ve become a bit prolific lately, and my ravelry project page can attest to that! I usually don’t even put up all mu custom order projects since they are a lot if the same. This year it’s been a avalanche of minion hats, owl hats, stripe toques and infinity cowls. No need to take pictures of same old same old. I thought that for my FO I’ll concentrate on knitting I’m doing for my loved ones. Unless I get desperate then all bets are off and we never had this conversation, m’kay?

Selfish knitting is definitely my favourite kind, I’m a bit of a fancy wool hoarder! I prioritized new hats for my three little ones, a hat for the hubs and a cowl and hat for yours truly.
My husband is an electrician who works out in the cold all winter, so he needs a real wool hat that is tough enough and warm enough, but still thin enough to wear under a hard hat. Tough order to fill! I ended up using a araucania natural wool in a tonal dark grey in a very simple ribbed beanie. So far it’s been excellent, he wears it every day!


My oldest requested stripes this year, but nothing ‘too baby-ish’. Doesn’t he know he will always be my baby?!?… Guess he didn’t get that memo :/ but the hat he wears the most was part of his Halloween costume, Super mario! A super dimple crochet beanie with a brim and appliqué. Embarrassingly simple actually, lol!


My middle baby, my girlie girl, has a plethora of hats because, damn. Girl hats are cute. I’ve gots to say though that my fav newest one us her tulip hat



Of course the littlest gang member has his fair share of lids. He’s got the above luigi from Halloween, but his fav is definitely his basic Pom Pom hat


For my own, I modified an Amanda hat so that the brim could be flipped up to double to brim for the super cold walks to the bus stop I do twice a day. And the hockey and ringette rinks, let’s not forget them!
I pair my modified Amanda with my zival.


It gets windy on my street corner!


Now I’m off to go see Tami and see what everyone is up to!


2 thoughts on “FO Friday

    • Thanks! My too, it wasn’t nearly as tiresome to knit as I was afraid it would be thanks to the tonal qualities of the colour to change it up a bit. My hubby is wearing it right now snoring away on the couch!!

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