Throwback Thursday…the very beginning

I haven’t been knitting as long as, well, probably pretty much any of you. My first pair of needles were put in my hands by Christina, over at a baby’s smile, soon after my daughter was born 5 years ago. It didn’t take at first…the garter stitch bamboo scarf on straight needles just didn’t thrill me, and I soon packed it up. Then I moved to Christina’s town and was introduced to my local LYS.
At the time I was more into sewing, and was following the sew liberated blog, where the author was pregnant. She showcased this amazing Stella pixie hat and I fell in luuuurve.
You guys know that feeling you get when you see a specific pattern and you know, deep down in the gurgling recesses of your insides, that you need to knit it Do not pass go, do not check paypal balance…right now. That’s what happened to me, I showed up at my LYS, and having no idea on yarn weight, needle sizes, wool content…I put myself in my LYS owners hand and she steered me right, my very first wearable creation is still one of my favourites.



I know right?! Of course it’s a favourite!!
Now as a more seasoned knitter I can see the mistakes I made, but that’s ok. This hat is tucked safely in my baby girl’s memory box.

Now, of course, I couldn’t just make a hat for bebe girl and not my first born, crazy man. What kind of a mother would I be?!? Well, pretty normal actually, haha, but this is the internet, the place where we all pretend to be the embodiment of Martha Stewart/Betty Crocker/dr. Sears/Ina May Gaskins so I cannot let my rep be tarnished already 😉

So knit I did. And fell right on my face I did. I tried to make a felted hat. And oh god that lump of hairy brown….stuff…shall not be immortalized forever, I refused to even take a picture of it. So instead, let’s have a look at the second hat, which turned out huge but he loved it anyways


And that, shall we say, is history. I was hooked on knitting!


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