WIP Wednesday

Here’s where I air my dirty laundry….a.k.a my WIPS. The number is not as bad as it was, as my youngest son helped me remove one WIP from my list a few weeks ago. Monkey man, as I call him, is rather notorious around town (because the school yard and my knitting group is town, obviously) for his antics. He’s….how shall we say it…enthusiastically embracing the toddler life? Yeah, that works.

You see, he’s almost two. And has two big siblings he wishes desperately to emulate and impress. This leads him to do crazy stunts like climb 7 foot tall shelves and enjoy his snack sitting at the top. Or to push a kitchen chair over to the fridge and put all his wood trains in the freezer. Or even better use sharpies to decorate the big kids’ bedroom door when they locked him out. He’s nothing if not creative!

In this case though, he decided to go after one of my WIPs, which happened to be a custom ordered dog sweater. A custom ordered dog sweater I’d been dragging my feet making because…dude. Acrylic. Ick.
I made the mistake of leaving it sitting on the couch unprotected while I ran one last glass jar out to the recycling before the truck came. In the 2 minutes it took me to put my boots on, run to the curb, and come back, monkey man was able to remove my needles and proceed to unwind almost the whole sweater, wrapping it through the kitchen chairs, up the stairs and then…he deposited the remainder….in….the…toilet. I can’t make this shit up man!

As you can then imagine, the soggy mass was deposited directly into the garbage. I have yet to recast on since every time I think about it I want to stab myself in the eye with a 4 mm needle.

Now that you’re glad he sprung forth from my loins and not yours, let’s talk Currents WIPs.

1. thrummed mitts, obviously


2. Unnamed cowl for my French sister-in-law to be unveiled shortly

3. Lush, my beautiful cardigan which I am still a skein short on (speaking of which, anyone have any malabrigo arroyo in azules they don’t need?)


4. outdoor socks for my outdoorsy older brother for Christmas. Just have the Kitchener stitch section to go on the toes of one sock. Yay me!


5. Lily’s Loch, which while technically is completed, I had to fudge the top due to a lack of wool, and it just looks wrong. I need to rip the top 20 rows out and reform them with the extra wool I bought


6. lilac wish shawl, which I despair of ever finishing


7. smock-it to me baby! boot cuffs, as I only ever knit one. This is why I magic loop two at a time.


This would seem to be a good place to explain why my pictures are less than satisfactory at present. I have two words as explanation. Monkey man. I once has a beautiful canon rebel, with all the fancy lenses and extended battery packs and tripods and I fancied myself quite the amateur photographer. Then I had kids. My oldest, Crazy man let’s call him, decided the he should pretend to be mommy one day and was wearing it around his neck when he took a corner too fast and smashed the lense on the wall. Bye bye fish eye lense. I loved you. Then this past spring, in an effort to keep monkey man away from my beautiful camera, I had it tucked up on the counter. Well, he grew an inch, grabbed the strapped and pulled, and my beautiful camera bounced on the ceramic tile floor until the battery compartment busted open and now refuses to close.
I’m reeeeeally hoping for a new camera for Christmas!

Off I go to tami’s to check up on my fellow knitters and add to my project list I’m sure


12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Wow, sounds like your monkey man is a bit much to handle. I would not have been a happy camper with project being unraveled, the markers on the doors, on him putting things in the fridge. Best of luck redoing your doggy sweater.

  2. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but that was pretty damn funny imagining your poor dog sweater wrapped all over the house. I was asked to knit an acrylic item for work a while back, and I finally told them I couldn’t hack it, went out and bought a skein of Malabrigo worsted and banged it out in like 2 days. Good luck with finding more Arroyo in your colorway =D

    Sometimes I have been able to find yarn on Ravelry even if people don’t have it listed as for sale. Make a post in one of the ISO (in search of) forums or go through and see who may have already made something and might have some leftovers they could share.

  3. you have my full sympathies….my ‘monkey man’ is now close to 30/ when I would share tales of his escapades when he was growing up with my co-workers they thought I had to be be exagerating but it was all true. there was never a dull moment in our house and I wouldn’t give up one moment of it.

  4. oh my goodness, toddlers are so hilarious! but wow, a WIP in the toilet… cautionary tales! I’ll be sure to keep my WIPs under wraps. Love your progress, by the way!

    • Loch is a great pattern, I highly recommend it! I’m planning on making myself one with a skein of madelintosh I’ve been hoarding.
      Of all the WIPs, I’m sure glad he chose the dog sweater and not something with nicer wool!

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