What has a little bit of seed stitch, and some (purposefully!) dropped stitches…

…the new cowl I’m knitting, but of course!! I started out my day working on my thrummed mitts. Knit.knit.knit.thrum.knit…..you get the picture. But somewhere along the way two skeins of red berroco vintage chunky started calling seductively from their hiding place behind my right shoulder. ‘Knit me!’ They said. ‘Play with me!’ They pleaded. And since I’m such a giver, how could I say no 😉

Thus began the pattern search. I tried out a few…millwater is simply gorgeous, I totally fell in love, but it was written for a chunkier wool and I just couldn’t get the right stitch count.

Next I tried on rainbow twist, which I’ve been in love with foreva. But again, it just didn’t suit. I knit almost 12 inches fueled by the knitters eternal optimism we all have fallen victim too. Ripping that back was painful, let me tell you!

I toyed with both the snuggly goodness of the snowdrift infinity cowl and the ever lovely honeycomb cowl but frogged them all.

Then, inspiration struck. I’d just design my own! Sure…couldn’t be so hard, right? Haha! Man I’m *pretty* sometimes. I’ve got a few simple boot cuffs under my design belt but nothing extensive. I dove in though, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised. I’m about half done, thank you chunky wool and 6.5 mm! I’m really looking forward to showing you guys tomorrow!

…until then, how about some lovin’ for my poor discarded thrummed mitts



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