Maiden Monday

Just so you know, I am very proud of myself. Friday night found myself and my co-conspirator/enabler/bestie face to face with two big names in the knitting world and we didn’t embarrass ourselves. Well…maybe she didn’t. I might have had some real *pretty* moments but I’m going to pretend they never happened, so let’s just go with that.

We roadtripped (that must be a word, right? I mean if tweaking and selfie are in the dictionary….) into the big bad city during rush hour just to be there. It was so much fun! I even drove behind a street car, which, if my two boys had been with me, would have been epic. But since they weren’t, I had to pretend that I wasn’t excited by it at all 😉

The Purple Purl was a fabulous destination, gotta love a whole store full of wooly goodness and….wait for it…tea and baked goods! Of the glorious gods of pastries I found my new home! Tantalizing all my senses, yum. I am pleased to report I somehow managed to leave with only one skein of heaven , a green label of grape goodness from Tanis herself! Grape you say? Why hellz ya I say! It is going to make the perfect Cabled Canuck to go with my thrummed mitts and as yet to be decided scarf. I’m going to be soooo hawt! And hot! Lol!

But wait You say…thrummed mitts?! What in yarn goodness are those? Don’t you fret new readers, for you can come along with me on my maiden thrumming voyage. I cast on these bad boys Friday, and have now thrummed three rows. Wanna see?



Pretty sweet eh? I’m thrumming with some unknown fiber that I’ve had stashed forever, it’s teal/grey and basically perfect.

Alrighty, there’s my maiden post. Stay tuned for more!

*cast of characters
Co-conspirator/enabler/bestie can be found clicking her needles over at a baby’s smile
Big faces in the knitting world are none other than Tanis Fiber Arts and Knitted Bliss


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