Super secret Christmas WIP

I haven’t been able to share this one previously since my baby girl always seems to around when I can take a picture in the daylight! She’s super sneaky, so quiet you never know she’s there. It’s a serious skill, ‘yo. But today she’s at school, where she just won an award for being respectful, proud mama moment! She was so adorable, I screamed and clapped and basically tried to make her feel like the most awesomest kid around. I hope I succeeded!
Of course this proud mama moment was followed by the 45 minute walk home…in the snow…uphill…pushing my little man in the stroller. Me and exercise of that magnitude are not friends! I had some colorful curse words in my head for quite a few of the homeowners who didn’t shovel. But now I’m home. I’ve had my tea and it’s almost nap time (yay!) so here’s my super secret Christmas present.

Well, half of it!

Spiral legwarmer(s)!! Berroco vintage in a beautiful soft ballet pink, on 4.0 mm needles, then I switched to 5.0 mm about 3/4 of the way up.


What’s just OFF my needles!!

Well, it wasn’t as fast as I expected. But it also wasn’t as brain numbing, so I call that a good result! The 12+ foot Dr. Who scarf has been cast off. Done, finite, fertig…well except for those pesky ends, arg!!! But that’s ok, I did Russian joins so I just have to go through and clip those bad boys off. Sometimes I outsmart myself πŸ˜‰

I’m sure you can imagine it’s a bit difficult trying to take a pic of a 12+ ft scarf! but I did my best.




Now back to Christmas knitting! I have two secret projects ongoing…leg warmer sand a ballet shrug for my baby girl. Knit only at night while she’s in bed so it’s been slow going.

And because i did say I’d do anything once, I’m test knitting a gorgeous cardi…due jan 7th! In my size, yikes! Wish me luck on getting that done!

And the only other Christmas thing on my plate is a pair of thrummed mittens for the husband, but he knows they will be late….He’s been watching the scarf progress!

Off to see Tami!

FO Friday!

Well folks, this week I went down, and I went down hard. I was so sick not only could I not be bothered to even tell Facebook (*gasp*! I know!) but on Wednesday, for the first time in the almost 8 years I’ve been a mother, I called my husband home early from work. Something about not being able to get off the floor of my bathroom broke my spirit and I conceded defeat. 2 days later and I’ve still barely made a dent in cleaning up the house. How can three children destroy real estate so darn quickly?! Monkey man also thought throwing projectiles at his sister was a fun new pastime so poor girlfriend showed up to her class Christmas party looking like a prize fighter. Aie yi yi.

So. FO Friday! …and I have nothing to show you, lol! I’ve knit 7 feet of glorious garter stitch in the never ending dr. Who scarf, and that’s been pretty much where all my stitch time has been dedicated to. So instead of a new FO, I’ll show off my favourite selfish knit of all time.
dragonfly wings, a fabulous free pattern, knit in a special skein of alegria I had been hoarding


It’s the perfect size and weight to wear spring, summer, fall and even inside during winter. I wore it for our family pictures….


And for pretty much anytime I wore anything turquoise. Which is a lot. πŸ˜‰


Now I’m off to tami’s to see what I’ve missed out on this week!

My new “I’ll do anything once” project

I wouldn’t call myself an adventuresome sort necessarily. I love nothing more than to curl up on my couch and watch a good movie. Getting out of the house in the evening takes some serious enticement, magic words being wool…coffee…alcohol. See, I am rather predictable! Heck, anytime I don’t have to wear pants is a good time for me (errr, as in I’d rather be wearing pajama pants, get your minds out of the gutter, lol!)
With that said, I’m generally on board to have a spur of the moment adventure. I do keep a pair of pants by the front door for just such excitement ;). I’ve tp-ed my fair share of houses, clocked in some impressive road trip miles, eaten some rather unedible things, woken up in some incredibly memorable places and have some ink in a place only my husband knows about.

…ok, that last one might be a lie πŸ˜‰

But the point is, I can be counted on for some pretty crazy things. I am a Gemini after all! I can be a homebody and an adventurous spirit all wrapped up into one adorable package if I want to be πŸ˜‰

Which is why I just had to help out a fellow knitter when her etsy store is booming and she needed someone to knit a dr. Who scarf for a customer. *the* dr. Who scarf, the infamous scarf that is twelve feet of garter stitch. Haha, I know, right? I can hear you laughing and that’s ok. I’m giggling quite a bit while knitting this bad boy, and I’m not sure if my husband thinks I have finally lost all my marbles and he should commit me, or if I’m just that awesome and he should thank his lucky stars I married him!

I started Saturday, because the ladies in my knitting group have me terrified to cast on to anything Friday night. Who knew casting on anything on Fridays was such a bad thing?! I had no idea. It was a busy weekend of hockey, ringette, Christmas tree trimming and visiting with friends, but I did pass the 24″ mark so I’m on target πŸ™‚

Wanna see? This was Sunday morning, so only about a foot in


FO Friday

Since I’m still such a newbie in the blogosphere (can you believe blogosphere is in my autocorrect?!) I have so many FO I could showcase today! I’ve become a bit prolific lately, and my ravelry project page can attest to that! I usually don’t even put up all mu custom order projects since they are a lot if the same. This year it’s been a avalanche of minion hats, owl hats, stripe toques and infinity cowls. No need to take pictures of same old same old. I thought that for my FO I’ll concentrate on knitting I’m doing for my loved ones. Unless I get desperate then all bets are off and we never had this conversation, m’kay?

Selfish knitting is definitely my favourite kind, I’m a bit of a fancy wool hoarder! I prioritized new hats for my three little ones, a hat for the hubs and a cowl and hat for yours truly.
My husband is an electrician who works out in the cold all winter, so he needs a real wool hat that is tough enough and warm enough, but still thin enough to wear under a hard hat. Tough order to fill! I ended up using a araucania natural wool in a tonal dark grey in a very simple ribbed beanie. So far it’s been excellent, he wears it every day!


My oldest requested stripes this year, but nothing ‘too baby-ish’. Doesn’t he know he will always be my baby?!?… Guess he didn’t get that memo :/ but the hat he wears the most was part of his Halloween costume, Super mario! A super dimple crochet beanie with a brim and appliquΓ©. Embarrassingly simple actually, lol!


My middle baby, my girlie girl, has a plethora of hats because, damn. Girl hats are cute. I’ve gots to say though that my fav newest one us her tulip hat



Of course the littlest gang member has his fair share of lids. He’s got the above luigi from Halloween, but his fav is definitely his basic Pom Pom hat


For my own, I modified an Amanda hat so that the brim could be flipped up to double to brim for the super cold walks to the bus stop I do twice a day. And the hockey and ringette rinks, let’s not forget them!
I pair my modified Amanda with my zival.


It gets windy on my street corner!


Now I’m off to go see Tami and see what everyone is up to!

Throwback Thursday…the very beginning

I haven’t been knitting as long as, well, probably pretty much any of you. My first pair of needles were put in my hands by Christina, over at a baby’s smile, soon after my daughter was born 5 years ago. It didn’t take at first…the garter stitch bamboo scarf on straight needles just didn’t thrill me, and I soon packed it up. Then I moved to Christina’s town and was introduced to my local LYS.
At the time I was more into sewing, and was following the sew liberated blog, where the author was pregnant. She showcased this amazing Stella pixie hat and I fell in luuuurve.
You guys know that feeling you get when you see a specific pattern and you know, deep down in the gurgling recesses of your insides, that you need to knit it Do not pass go, do not check paypal balance…right now. That’s what happened to me, I showed up at my LYS, and having no idea on yarn weight, needle sizes, wool content…I put myself in my LYS owners hand and she steered me right, my very first wearable creation is still one of my favourites.



I know right?! Of course it’s a favourite!!
Now as a more seasoned knitter I can see the mistakes I made, but that’s ok. This hat is tucked safely in my baby girl’s memory box.

Now, of course, I couldn’t just make a hat for bebe girl and not my first born, crazy man. What kind of a mother would I be?!? Well, pretty normal actually, haha, but this is the internet, the place where we all pretend to be the embodiment of Martha Stewart/Betty Crocker/dr. Sears/Ina May Gaskins so I cannot let my rep be tarnished already πŸ˜‰

So knit I did. And fell right on my face I did. I tried to make a felted hat. And oh god that lump of hairy brown….stuff…shall not be immortalized forever, I refused to even take a picture of it. So instead, let’s have a look at the second hat, which turned out huge but he loved it anyways


And that, shall we say, is history. I was hooked on knitting!

WIP Wednesday

Here’s where I air my dirty laundry….a.k.a my WIPS. The number is not as bad as it was, as my youngest son helped me remove one WIP from my list a few weeks ago. Monkey man, as I call him, is rather notorious around town (because the school yard and my knitting group is town, obviously) for his antics. He’s….how shall we say it…enthusiastically embracing the toddler life? Yeah, that works.

You see, he’s almost two. And has two big siblings he wishes desperately to emulate and impress. This leads him to do crazy stunts like climb 7 foot tall shelves and enjoy his snack sitting at the top. Or to push a kitchen chair over to the fridge and put all his wood trains in the freezer. Or even better use sharpies to decorate the big kids’ bedroom door when they locked him out. He’s nothing if not creative!

In this case though, he decided to go after one of my WIPs, which happened to be a custom ordered dog sweater. A custom ordered dog sweater I’d been dragging my feet making because…dude. Acrylic. Ick.
I made the mistake of leaving it sitting on the couch unprotected while I ran one last glass jar out to the recycling before the truck came. In the 2 minutes it took me to put my boots on, run to the curb, and come back, monkey man was able to remove my needles and proceed to unwind almost the whole sweater, wrapping it through the kitchen chairs, up the stairs and then…he deposited the remainder….in….the…toilet. I can’t make this shit up man!

As you can then imagine, the soggy mass was deposited directly into the garbage. I have yet to recast on since every time I think about it I want to stab myself in the eye with a 4 mm needle.

Now that you’re glad he sprung forth from my loins and not yours, let’s talk Currents WIPs.

1. thrummed mitts, obviously


2. Unnamed cowl for my French sister-in-law to be unveiled shortly

3. Lush, my beautiful cardigan which I am still a skein short on (speaking of which, anyone have any malabrigo arroyo in azules they don’t need?)


4. outdoor socks for my outdoorsy older brother for Christmas. Just have the Kitchener stitch section to go on the toes of one sock. Yay me!


5. Lily’s Loch, which while technically is completed, I had to fudge the top due to a lack of wool, and it just looks wrong. I need to rip the top 20 rows out and reform them with the extra wool I bought


6. lilac wish shawl, which I despair of ever finishing


7. smock-it to me baby! boot cuffs, as I only ever knit one. This is why I magic loop two at a time.


This would seem to be a good place to explain why my pictures are less than satisfactory at present. I have two words as explanation. Monkey man. I once has a beautiful canon rebel, with all the fancy lenses and extended battery packs and tripods and I fancied myself quite the amateur photographer. Then I had kids. My oldest, Crazy man let’s call him, decided the he should pretend to be mommy one day and was wearing it around his neck when he took a corner too fast and smashed the lense on the wall. Bye bye fish eye lense. I loved you. Then this past spring, in an effort to keep monkey man away from my beautiful camera, I had it tucked up on the counter. Well, he grew an inch, grabbed the strapped and pulled, and my beautiful camera bounced on the ceramic tile floor until the battery compartment busted open and now refuses to close.
I’m reeeeeally hoping for a new camera for Christmas!

Off I go to tami’s to check up on my fellow knitters and add to my project list I’m sure

What has a little bit of seed stitch, and some (purposefully!) dropped stitches…

…the new cowl I’m knitting, but of course!! I started out my day working on my thrummed mitts. Knit.knit.knit.thrum.knit… get the picture. But somewhere along the way two skeins of red berroco vintage chunky started calling seductively from their hiding place behind my right shoulder. ‘Knit me!’ They said. ‘Play with me!’ They pleaded. And since I’m such a giver, how could I say no πŸ˜‰

Thus began the pattern search. I tried out a few…millwater is simply gorgeous, I totally fell in love, but it was written for a chunkier wool and I just couldn’t get the right stitch count.

Next I tried on rainbow twist, which I’ve been in love with foreva. But again, it just didn’t suit. I knit almost 12 inches fueled by the knitters eternal optimism we all have fallen victim too. Ripping that back was painful, let me tell you!

I toyed with both the snuggly goodness of the snowdrift infinity cowl and the ever lovely honeycomb cowl but frogged them all.

Then, inspiration struck. I’d just design my own! Sure…couldn’t be so hard, right? Haha! Man I’m *pretty* sometimes. I’ve got a few simple boot cuffs under my design belt but nothing extensive. I dove in though, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised. I’m about half done, thank you chunky wool and 6.5 mm! I’m really looking forward to showing you guys tomorrow!

…until then, how about some lovin’ for my poor discarded thrummed mitts


Maiden Monday

Just so you know, I am very proud of myself. Friday night found myself and my co-conspirator/enabler/bestie face to face with two big names in the knitting world and we didn’t embarrass ourselves. Well…maybe she didn’t. I might have had some real *pretty* moments but I’m going to pretend they never happened, so let’s just go with that.

We roadtripped (that must be a word, right? I mean if tweaking and selfie are in the dictionary….) into the big bad city during rush hour just to be there. It was so much fun! I even drove behind a street car, which, if my two boys had been with me, would have been epic. But since they weren’t, I had to pretend that I wasn’t excited by it at all πŸ˜‰

The Purple Purl was a fabulous destination, gotta love a whole store full of wooly goodness and….wait for it…tea and baked goods! Of the glorious gods of pastries I found my new home! Tantalizing all my senses, yum. I am pleased to report I somehow managed to leave with only one skein of heaven , a green label of grape goodness from Tanis herself! Grape you say? Why hellz ya I say! It is going to make the perfect Cabled Canuck to go with my thrummed mitts and as yet to be decided scarf. I’m going to be soooo hawt! And hot! Lol!

But wait You say…thrummed mitts?! What in yarn goodness are those? Don’t you fret new readers, for you can come along with me on my maiden thrumming voyage. I cast on these bad boys Friday, and have now thrummed three rows. Wanna see?



Pretty sweet eh? I’m thrumming with some unknown fiber that I’ve had stashed forever, it’s teal/grey and basically perfect.

Alrighty, there’s my maiden post. Stay tuned for more!

*cast of characters
Co-conspirator/enabler/bestie can be found clicking her needles over at a baby’s smile
Big faces in the knitting world are none other than Tanis Fiber Arts and Knitted Bliss